Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Last year, I enjoyed recapping my year and reminiscing on all of the fun things we did.  So, as this year draws to a close, 2010 is certainly worthy of a reprise.

January - spent New Years Day with fellow Gators watching the boys whoop up on Cincinnati and Tebow set Sugar Bowl records; SNOW DAY!; painted the dining room

February - Matt sent me flowers for the first.time.ever; more snow!; nothing says love like a little motocross action on Valentine's Day; failed in giving up the snooze button for Lent

March - joined CrossFit; headed down to the DAB for the Durrance-Young nuptials; brunched with Spurrier (NBD); painted the front door and shutters; booked our flights to Greece and Turkey!; found out I had excess fat... duh (thanks BodPod); turned the big 2-8 in which my mom did not forget my birthday ;)

April - partially got over my irrational fear of worms by digging in the dirt (aka: gardening); made the awesome decision of hiring an interior designer to help with our master bedroom; celebrated Madelyn's first birthday; headed to Louisville for the Derby!

May - Derby Day!; all day rain but still had a damn good time and won a few bucks; saw some crazy flooding on the way home in Nashville; attended Miss USA in Vegas and ended up on national TV; got 17 stitches in my shin thanks to a mountain biking incident (let me tell you, the scar is nice)

June - John Thomas is born; began master bedroom makeover; 10 year HS reunion; found out Matt would be in Tifton even longer than we thought (after the third or fourth extension of how long we thought he'd be there); Matt wins the third annual Rib Off; finished the master bedroom (and love love love it)

July - celebrated the Fourth of July with some of my most favorite people; joined the 21st century and got an iPhone 4; got a serious poison ivy rash... nasty stuff; took my baby (21?  is that still baby) sister to NYC for her first time; went to South Dakota for a family reunion; celebrated the births of Charlotte Ann and William Oliver

August - attended "To Live and Dine in Atlanta"; identical twins Ryann Janelle and Reese Leigh are born premature (Reese Leigh goes to heaven shortly after birth); headed down to the DAB to spend some time with our favorite Volusia County residents; Matt turns 31; Morgan Lorraine is born; geared up to head to Greece and Turkey

September - took the best vacation yet to Athens, Milos, and Santorini, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey!!!

October - went to Gainesville for Homecoming (loss to Miss St if you must know); I went to California to visit one of my bestest friends, Kelly (aka:KellBell, Kellybear, skinnyb*tch); spent Halloween at home and had trick-or-treaters; Matt came home from Tifton for good!!!!

November - volunteered at a bereavement camp; thought about adopting a dog; went to Gainesville for the South Carolina game (we lost, if you must know); almost got arrested by a cop for riding the Cruzin' Cooler on the street (that might  be a big of an exaggeration but Dai was sure to let him know it was street legal, dagumit!); adopted Max and Maddie!; found out Maddie was in heat (yikes); Maddie goes to the vet for a little operation; Max comes with us to Florida for Thanksgiving; Reagan Grace and Anna Kathrin (Anna Kate) are born

December - renovated the upstairs bathroom; decorated the house for Christmas; Luke Parker is born; celebrated Christmas at home with Matt's parents; cooked a ridiculous amount of food but it was awesome; felt very thankful for all the fun we had this year!

I don't know how 2011 could top 2010, but we'll sure have to try.  Some things on the agenda: possible ski trip in February, stateside trip TBD (thinking Chicago, Boston, Portland or Seattle), and a kitchen renovation (yikes!).  We're both praying that we stay gainfully employed so that these things can happen... say a little prayer that Matt's company gets the project he is now working on (it goes to bid mid-2011), and he'll have a job for a nice, long time with that one.  :)  Also, while we're on the praying subject, please pray for our family member who is fighting cancer.  God will know who you're talking about.  She has two young boys (3 and 1) and is expected to beat it, but it's been a longer and tougher battle than anyone thought.

Cheers to a great year behind us and to the one ahead... may you all have good health and good fortune in 2011.


Kristin said...

My vote is for Chicago!!

Amy said...

What a wonderfully full year for you! By the way, your Christmas card photo was to die for! What a good looking family!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I hope your 2011 is just as eventful and fun as 2010 was!