Thursday, September 24, 2009

Da Na Na Na Na

Go Gators!

It was a typical gameday weekend in Gainesville, FL... too many people crammed into the bars, 95% humidity levels, good friends, good tailgates, a Gator victory, and a dance party. I brought my camera and took pictures, but I have no good pictures of the hubby and me... once again. I'm determined that we get at least one good picture during our second year of married life. We have 354 days left to accomplish that, so I feel good about the chances.

We ended up with tickets to the game at $100 a pop, but we got them very early on in the day and it was worth the money to not worry about it and enjoy the tailgates. The seats were 11 rows up in the south endzone, so it was a view I had not previously experienced. It was awesome when they were down on our end of the field, and I was able to get a few good pictures of my future husband, Tim Tebow. Don't worry, Matt knows that when Timmy shows up on our door to whisk me away, I'm gone... he's on "my list". ;) In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Tebow were at the same tailgate we were, and it was pretty hilarious to see all the people that wanted to take pictures with them. They were very nice people and obliged. I wonder if it gets old to them or they are just relishing in the awesomeness that is their son.

Anyway, maybe I'll post some pictures when I get home, but probably not. I have a big event tonight for ULI Atlanta, an organization I'm very involved with, so I'm excited for that. It's the Annual Development of Excellence Awards, and it is our signature event. I'm also on the Executive Committee, so I'm looking forward to sitting at the VIP table (or as my co-chair, Ellen, called it, the FOE Table... Friends of Ellen). Then, tomorrow is Friday. Hallelujah. I'm ready for the husband to come home. Can you believe it's already been EIGHT months that he's been in Tifton!? Craziness.

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