Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Commercials

I really wonder who comes up with some of the commercials out there. In general, pharmaceutical commercials are the worst, but of those, I think the birth control genre takes the cake. Don't get me wrong, erectile dysfunction and irritable bowel syndrome are right up there, but the unbelievability of birth control commercials just makes me laugh. I am the target audience, and I would NOT buy a specific brand of birth control due to their ridiculous advertising. Take the NuvaRing commercial, for example. One of the commercials shows a group of 20-something girls sitting around discussing birth control with a TV on in the background. First, I don't know about y'all, but my friends and I often have very interesting conversations, but I don't think we've ever spoken that in depth (or cheesily... I made up that word) about the type of birth control we use. Yes, a question or two has been asked of those that do use an intervaginal birth control or an IUD, but it's mostly, "Can you feel it?" or "Does it interfere with you know what?" My favorite part about this commercial is that there's a NuvaRing commercial on in the background and when the side effects come on, one girl hushes the others and tells them to listen. I mean, I get that it's required by the FDA, but it always seems like such a funny way to tell people they might gain a lot of weight or experience hair loss. Yaz is another one that's pretty bad. So, that's my random rant for the day. Are there any commercials out there that just make you cringe?


Ghazalie said...

omg, yes, the lamasil commercial for toe fungus. that commercial makes me cringe and i cant even watch it. when the "fungus" goes IN and digs INTO the toe -- just revolting. and i cant deal. ugh.

Kristin said...

eewwwwwww, I know which one you're talking about. Yeah, that's pretty gross.