Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Husband said I need to post this on my blog...

... so I am. I didn't realize he knew I had a blog. ;)

So, we went to dinner at Roy's Friday night thanks to a wedding gift. We sat down, ordered a bottle of wine, an appetizer and a salad to share. As we're enjoying our first course, the (pregnant) lady next to us is served her lamb chops, which she requested medium rare. She cuts them open, and they were well done. Rightfully so (and very politely, I might add), she asks if the server thought they were medium rare, and he agreed they weren't and said they'd replace them. Of course, the manager came up and said her meal would be on the house. Meanwhile, we finish our appetizer and salad (both were great) and are waiting for our entrees. The server brings out the lady's new lamb chops. She cuts them open, and they were rarer than rare. She attempted to eat around them, but she was pregnant and that's just not healthy. She ended up just eating her the sides and packaging up the chops to go. Needless to say, she didn't pay for anything. In the meantime, we STILL haven't gotten our entrees. Matt calls over the manager and explains that we haven't received our entrees nor any communication from our waiter as to the hold up, and it'd been over 30 minutes since we'd finished our appetizer and salad. Additionally, we were now out of wine. The manager brought us each a new glass of wine. The waiter comes over and jokingly says something about lamb chops messing up the kitchen while the lady was still there. We all gave him a hard time. Apparently, someone was fired from the kitchen though. After another 10 minutes or so, we get our entrees, and it was worth the wait. Our waiter offered dessert, and we accepted. It was also delicious. Now we get our check. Grand total - $44 plus tax. They comped EVERYTHING but our bottle of wine. This would have been a $140 dinner otherwise. So, we still have money left on our gift card (only enough for a couple drinks, but that's neither here nor there). Some people have all the luck. :)

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