Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahhhh, my ears!

Watching the AI results show, and if Simon could, he would tear Miley Cyrus apart! (She's not horrible, but she's not exactly good either.) Holler for Kris, Anoop, Danny, Alison, and Adam all being safe! I predict Lil goes. I know the odds are in my favor now that it's down to two, but I predicted sweet Scott would go last week and I predicted before now Lil is gone this week. She was one of my faves, but she just hasn't held up against the others these past few weeks.


Serg said...

i thought the exact same thing about Miley Cyrus! She wouldn't last on American Idol. And what was she doing wearing a beaded gown and thrashing her head around like it was a rock song?!?!?

I'm glad Lil is still around. I heart her. But I think they were going to save either person.

Jessi said...

So funny, hubby and I were just talking about that this morning....It would have been interesting to hear what Simon had to say!! Couldn't have been good.