Monday, April 20, 2009

How to plant a garden on a balcony

Step 1 - go to Home Depot and spend a lot of money. [Insert joke from Old School here.]

Step 2 - have a hot husband who worked at a nursery in high school. This step is optional, but makes it more fun (and probably more successful).

Step 3 - Play in the dirt.

Step 4 - Water and enjoy the herbs, flowers and fruits (yes, tomatoes are fruits) of your labor (in about 70 days for the tomatoes).


Heather said...

Go girl!!! This is AWESOME!! Love it and you will love the herbs, some of them can grow like crazy, so enjoy cooking!! :) I love the white pots with the flowers, cute!

AEO said...

We went to pick up basil this weekend and home depot was out!! Who's out of basil during spring planting season?? We're going after we get back from FL to find some elsewhere!