Thursday, December 1, 2011

The rest of what I'm thankful for...

To continue from the last post through the month of November.

17.  A warm, cozy bed.
18.  Cuddling.
19.  A fire in the fireplace.
20.  Things to look forward to.
21.  Knowing what Brussels sprouts look like before they end up in a bag.  Who knew!?

22.  That I've never run across one of these.  OMG.

A freaking huge eastern diamond back rattlesnake found not too far from where my mom lives some time ago.
23.  A solid marriage.  Have I mentioned that I love my husband???
24.  Pageants, my guilty pleasure.
25.  Being a Florida Gator... in all kinds of weather... or crappy football seasons.
26.  Good wine.
27.  This young man standing up for equality.
28.  A good cry every now and then.
29.  Chick-fil-a.  I don't eat it too often, but it's usually worth the "cheat."  I could really go for a cookies and cream milkshake right now.
30.  James 1:2-8

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