Tuesday, August 30, 2011


These are from my phone, but I have not had time to upload the better pics from my camera (maybe tonight?).  We are making progress!!  We started demo two weekends ago and got everything cleared out except the tile floors.  Our contractors came Monday and removed the floors, built out the wall for the laundry closet (our washer and dryer BARELY fit in there, so we pushed the wall out a couple inches so we could fit thicker, heavier doors on there without having to cut part of them out so they would close) and started on some of the electrical and plumbing work.  The flooring guys came in on Thursday and got the floors laid in the kitchen and where the built-ins were, sanded everything (including the living room), and put on the stain and a coat of poly on Friday (final coat of poly will go down once all the construction is done).  I forgot how bad that stuff smells, so a HUGE thank you to our amazing neighbors/friends, the Hargathers, for letting us crash at their place.  Seriously, THANK YOU!

We got some painting done this weekend, so we didn't have to edge around all of the cabinets.  We're not done (as you can see... waiting on drywall work to be completed and still need to paint the closets).  Yesterday, the cabinets went in (finished today with hardware, which I have not yet seen), as did the recessed lights.  Woohoo for real light!!!!  We had two terrible fixtures that cast shadows everywhere and did not provide enough light, so I am super excited for six 6" cans in the ceiling, even though that means we have to paint the entire ceiling.  I PRAY the white ceiling paint we have leftover from the previous homeowner matches when we put it up.  It will not be good if it doesn't since the ceiling is continuous into the LR, DR, entry way, hallways... not good.  The countertop template was done today, so I am anxiously awaiting a call to let us know how long the fabrication will take.  I want to get that installation scheduled!  Our range was supposed to be installed today, but there's been A LOT of back and forth about having it installed before or after the countertops and before or after the floors are finished... so many decisions.

Still to do (for us):
-finish painting (this weekend) and paint ceiling
-order faucet
-pick out fabric for Roman shades
-decide on tile backsplash (white subway in herringbone pattern or pretty irridescent ($$$) subway in traditional layout)
-figure out if I can get Martha Stewart paint in the same color as the cabinets (or have it color matched) for window moldings
-get different corbels for two small shelves going above a little drop zone station we created for mail, purses, keys, etc.
-paint doors before they are installed (we have time on this one because they won't be installed until after the floors are finished)
-install custom shelving in pantry and laundry (hopefully this weekend)
-install backsplash

If things keep moving forward on schedule, I am hoping we can put in the tile backsplash the weekend of 9/17-9/18, and then we should have a finished kitchen!!!  Living in a construction zone is not fun, but that's another post for another day.  Now, to the (crappy) pictures... much better ones to come.

See here for more before pics (way before... before we even moved in).

A little reminder of what it looked like before...
built-ins coming out... guess the house was once a lovely shade of sage
oh my, that carpet was terrible

almost demolished

bye bye tile!

hello dark walnut hardwoods... you are so pretty/handsome

paint... lots of colors... it makes more sense with the cabinets in...

this is the wall we still need to paint once the dry wall work is ready

cabinets going in!

almost done!!!


Molly Hargather said...

it's looking so great! can't wait to come by and see it. and so glad y'all made use of our house while we were gone. :) anytime! oh, and thanks for the heads up about max being fine in a L bed. think we're definitely going to have to exchange!

Amber Carlson said...

Hey, I came across your blog while looking up info on the cabinets, which I happened to install myself as well! Just wanted you to know that YES, you can get the exact same color paint as the cabinet color. Martha Stewart used to have a shade card but they pulled it right before they discontinued the paint line. I kept it and have the code for you: MSL 281 (Color: Ocean Floor). I hope this helps!! I had the same remorse as you once I realized how green the grey is but now I like it. I did paint my walls in Milk Pail (blue) like it shows in her catalog however I think it looks wonderful paired with the light tan.