Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspection - check! (Part One)

We had our inspection Saturday, and it went pretty well. We already knew two of the major things, one of which is getting replaced, but we did find some interesting inhabitants of the attic... BATS! That's right... a lovely colony of around 15 bats decided to make their home between the attic vent and the screen that keeps pests like that out! Needless to say, they must go.

I am still freaked out about they money. I just realize I like it a lot better where I can see it (i.e., online savings account) than over my head! Haha. I know once everything is said and done, I'll be happy and stop stressing (I hope!).

So, anyway, I took several pictures during the inspection, so here they are along with commentary of what we're going to change, slowly but surely.

View of the living room from the entry way - going to paint all of the common areas more of a khaki tan
View from living room into kitchen - first project will be to take down the shelf above the left doorway and paint inside of built-ins same color as walls (or maybe even a shade darker)... eventually, we want to knock out this wall and the pantry on the other side (there's another pantry type closet in the kitchen) to open up the space... we're also putting hardwoods in where you see carpet
kitchen - wall to the left will be knocked out, pantry will go to that back right closet, hardwoods will eventually extend into kitchen, island will be made wider (deeper?? maybe the right word would be deeper), counter and cabinets will extend further down the wall to the right and we'll have new granite or similar counters and new cabinets
We already got a lovely french door stainless GE fridge, thanks to Best Buy and 3 years no interest financing (also picked up a sweet front loading washer and dryer)... also in the kitchen renovation will include oven (double ovens if I can get my way, but I don't think I will) :) and microwave roughly where the current microwave is by window and gas cooktop with a sweet hood on the island. Since we're going to extend the counters and cabinets under that window, I don't mind losing that high up cabinet space. Also, we're going to do a lot of big drawers, because they're more efficient anyway. And, by the way, this won't be happening for a good year or so!
My least favorite room in the house and biggest compromise is this very small dining room. No way we can seat more than 6 in here, which limits formal dinner (because I throw so many of them), but I can live. I'm still devising ways to make it bigger and I think I want to at least open up the doorways wider at some point.
Sitting room off the master - new carpet and same paint as master. This may be an office at first, but I think it will eventually be a nursery. :) The master is downstairs and the bedrooms are upstairs, so I'm sure all the moms out there can relate with not wanting to go upstairs to feed a baby in the middle of the night.
Master bedroom - this will get new carpet, a greyish blue paint color, and a new ceiling fan. There's also a fireplace on the opposite wall of the bed I didn't take a picture of. It looks like the one in the living room.
View to the "hers" side of the master bath. There's a walk-in closet behind that. The his side is the same, except hers has a vanity and his has a small linen closet.
Shower, jetted tub and toilet connect the his and hers side. Not so keen on the green counter tops and tile... that will go eventually. Matt says he can tile, so we'll see! :)
Half bath - only needs paint... thinking a chocolate brown.
Upstairs landing looking down to front door - again, common area paint color and going to paint the spindles white and maybe rails black??? Might leave them wood, but then they won't match the new wood color (which will be a darker wood than is currently there)... hmmm...
Future guest bedroom #1 - new carpet and will eventually be painted. Didn't get a picture of the other bedroom, but it's pretty much the same.
Upstairs Jack and Jill bath... also on the eventually to do list... like tile instead of linoleum, paint, probably okay with the fixtures for a while...

Our first pets - the bats! haha, j/k, they're going bye bye!


Kristin said...

I can't believe u got a pic of the batts..hahah.

Jessi said...

Kristin - Love the new house. It is very cute...the landscaping and shade look awesome! Have fun making it a home!