Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Like Whoa

I have a lot to say and not much at the same time.  So, bullet points it is.
  • Unemployment budget is in full force.  My car was FILTHY, so instead of taking it to the ol' they-do-it-for-me-and-I-like-to-watch-it-go-through-the-car-wash place, I went to one of those DIY places.  Took me forever, but I'll be darned if that ain't one clean car, practically detailed for about $6.00.  I could have done it at home, but I really needed a heavy duty vacuum to get the copious amounts of dog hair out of the way-way.
  • Speaking of copious amounts of dog hair, my dogs are definitely shedding their winter coats.  We bathed them on Monday then gave them a good brushing.  I vacuumed the house.  Yesterday, there was hair all over.  I cleaned most of it up.  Matt brushed them again.  Today was way worse!  Unreal.  But, I do love them so.  Little lickers.
  • Back to the car wash... I somehow left my driver side floor mat and it was still there today.  Yay.
  • It is the week of the job.  All of a sudden, I have a couple of things in real estate that are promising.  And, maybe something in med device, but I won't get my hopes up on that one.
  • I had to turn down an opportunity to go help do Bod Pod testing for the Clemson football team next week, because one of my best friends, Kelly, will be in town from California.  She's worth it, but barely.  You have to be darn near naked for the test, and I wouldn't mind seeing a bunch of football players, even the big dudes, get tested all day.  No siree.
  • We went to Raleigh for one of Matt's best friend's wedding this weekend.  Let's just say there was not a lot of paleo activities going on, and Matt and I are not what we used to be.  Thankfully, I got to sleep in the day after we got back but he suffered through the day.
He's so handsome.
The boys.  Three of these guys were Matt's groomsman and the other is a really good friend.

    Well, that's about it. I don't even know why I bothered writing any of this profound information, but I did. So, yeah.


    ty said...

    Carwash. I know this feeling. When I was 17, I left my entire case of CDs sitting by the vacuum. It was NOT there when I returned. Epic fail.

    Amy said...

    Wish you were here to detail my car - oh does it ever need it! Good luck on the job fronts... I hope the perfect thing for you will work out!

    Amy said...

    oh and p.s., great picture of you and Matt. What a handsome couple!