Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life with dogs...

... is great. And fun. And a little bit of work. And sometimes expensive. And involves a LOT of cleaning floors. But, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I am that person. I love my dogs. I show pictures of them on my phone to friends.  Probably strangers too.  And to the interwebs via facebook and the blogosphere.  I mean, that's what it's all about anyway, right?

So, it has been approximately four and a half months since we adopted Max and Maddie, and I think they're pretty well settled in to life with us. They have such different personalities but have captured our hearts in their own ways.

Max (or Maxy-boo, punk or Max the Million) is a big, goofy lover. He is so excited to see someone new, whether us coming home or guests, and lets you know. If we had renamed them, I think we would have named him Chewbacca, because he makes this "moaning" noise when he's super excited that is reminiscent of the big, furry guy from Star Wars. He just wants your love and affection and will push his sister (or anyone, for that matter) out of his way to get it. He's a big time licker, and we're trying to work on that, but it's tough to break a life long habit when he doesn't understand what we're telling him not to do. He also has some ear issues and we can't decide if it's a nervous reaction or they legitimately bother him (he hasn't had an ear infection since we've had him, but they get so swollen from him scratching them... we don't know why he goes after them like he does... I think it's just a vicious cycle, but we have tons of ear stuff to try to soothe them). I think I get him more than Matt, so he and I have a special bond.

Maddie (or Maddie girl, Maddie Belle (I decided that Belle is her middle name), princess, or pumpkin) is our sweet, smart, manipulative, beautiful girl. Everything a girl should be, truly. She really is so smart and conniving and knows how to get what she wants, especially from her daddy. (Yes, we call ourselves mommy and daddy when speaking of the dogs.) She would pick Matt over me any day of the week, unless I had a treat. In fact, I was outside brushing them the other day (for like the third time in 24 hours because our house looked like a dog salon, with all the hair everywhere) and even though these dogs LOVE to be brushed, she was standing at the back door looking inside for Matt and wouldn't come when I called her. To say that he loves that would be an understatement. ;) Maddie is really everything that Max isn't. She doesn't get nearly excited or worked up over things and is much smarter, gentler and the troublemaker of the two. It's like a movie where you have an impressionable goofy kid who hangs out with the troublemaker and follows what he/she does... that's Max and Maddie. And, when I say trouble, it's not much... getting into the trash once, sitting on the couch when we're not home (think we broke that habit), tearing up her bed or blanket (thankfully, nothing that isn't for them, but I'm a bit upset at the condition of their LL Bean beds!). One of the best things about Maddie is that she's a champion cuddler... we don't let them sleep with us, but if we did, she would be a good one to sleep with. Plus, she's so soft.  We've also found over the last few weeks as we've gotten some thunderstorms that Maddie has thunderphobia, which is common for goldens.  She's not totally crazy like some are, but she shakes like a leaf and pants like a fool.  Last night, I was watching the last parts of Mildred Pierce on the couch when the storms came through, and I was trying to comfort her by giving her lots of pets and affection... she jumped right into my lap on the couch.  It was hilarious and I let her stay there in my arms like a child, because the poor thing was shaking so badly!  They no longer sleep in crates (I love the way my room looks with those things gone), so I'll wait for the day that another night t-storm rolls through and she ends up in bed with us.  Money says Matt won't kick her out.  ;)

I can't imagine why their previous owners would have given them up, but I'm glad they made their way to us. Life is crazier, dirtier, more planned, more expensive and better than it was before dogs.


After the Shamrock 'n Roll 5K

What happens when Max's tail hits the wall...

Love for Yoforia runs in the family


Auburn fans (duck and elephant)?  I think not.  Guess we should get them a bulldog toy to tear up.  ;)


JMMarden said...

I love the picture w/ the Yoforia. They know a good thing when they taste one :)

Kristin said...

Do you like the llbean bed? I'm looking for a new one for B. He has 2 and is currently boycotting one. :)

Meghan said...

Your dogs are adorable. I feel the same about mine. :) Are you still thinking about doing the separate blog/website for the paleo info?

Kristin said...

Kristin - the LL Bean beds are great, so long as he doesn't tear it up. :)

Meghan - I am still planning to do a paleo blog, but I just haven't had time to focus on it. Hopefully soon!

NannyNannyNannie said...

just passing through - precious pictures of your dogs.