Friday, February 11, 2011

Lockdown Update

As you may have caught in my previous post, I am working on starting a paleo blog/website.  I guess you could say I'm smoking the crack (I'm even going all out with hosting and my own domain name so I make sure I own the content and not blogger or wordpress).  So, I thought it was time for another update, since it's been awhile.

Today is day 30 of the lockdown!  Wow, I just realized that.  A lot of people encourage just a 30 day trial of this lifestyle, but being that CFNA is "cock diesel" (don't ask, because I don't know), we go all out for a six week lockdown.  So, for those math challenged, 12 days to go.  Or for me, a lifetime to go.  You guys, this truly is not that hard and the results are so worth it.  I've lost an INCH... ONE INCH... from my waist in four weeks, and it's not like I am obese and the weight falls off really easily.  I think I'm also down 4 lbs, but we'll leave those measurements to the BodPod in a couple weeks, as I've hopefully gained some muscle too.  Don't get me wrong, one of the things that motivated me to do the lockdown was that I was not happy with the excess fat amassing itself around my mid-section and thighs, so I definitely had some lbs to lose.  BUT ONE INCH AND FOUR POUNDS IN FOUR WEEKS.  And, I EAT.  A LOT.  Eggs, grass fed beef, organic free range chicken, fish, olives, coconuts, avocados (yum), nuts and lots of fruits and veggies.  I even found PALEO ICECREAM... y'all, icecream that isn't so bad for you... and it tastes good (it's made w/ coconut milk and agave nectar)!  I looooooove icecream, and I've already planned to purchase an icecream maker so I can make paleo versions of icecream and sorbet, but I can buy it at Publix when I'm lazy.  Cue the choir... "Hallelujah!"

I seriously encourage you to at least read about paleo and primal eating and learn what grains (especially gluten... if you do nothing else, eliminate gluten from your diet), sugar (same as grains), dairy and legumes do to your hormones and gut.  You will be shocked at some of the science that's out there and the fact that our own government subsidizes corn production, making things like high fructose corn syrup (don't buy those commercials... nothing about that crap is good for you, and they're exactly right... it's like sugar... which guess what, is NOT GOOD FOR YOU) cheap so that junk food and all the things that make us sick and diseased are cheap, then they subsidize the drug industry to treat those diseases (cancer, diabetes, inflammatory diseases such as lupus, artherosclerosis, etc) when all we need to do is change our relationship with certain foods.  Also, watch Food Inc.

So, the new venture for me will be a mix of recipes, things I learn about paleo along the way, tips for eating out and adhering to a paleo/primal lifestyle, my random musings and of course, my continued journey and results with my new found obsession.  Once it's up and running, you'll be the first to know!  Except a glass of wine, I don't even think I'll take much of a cheat on my first day after the lockdown.  I do have an event to attend which will have a guacamole bar, so I will most definitely be partaking in that (guac is paleo (assuming no dairy) but corn chips... not so much).  I've pretty much gotten to the point that most things aren't even worth cheating for, not to mention I know I'll probably feel like crap after eating them.


Ghazalie said...

omg, so this is the first time i am commenting about your hunter+gatherer way of eating :)

i so envy you. and i am so going to join in a month (give or take) ... i have a lot of crap going on right now so i just know it's not worth starting something that i want to LEARN about along the way and won't have the time to give upfront. sooo, i can't wait till the blog!! congrats on your 1 inch + 4lbs and for FEELING AMAZING and taking care of the only body you'll ever get in life. yay!

Alyse said...

This is so interesting! I'll be excited for your new blog!