Thursday, August 12, 2010

A few good finds

So, I did a little online shopping last week (and forgot to go through eBates AGAIN... I've failed to do that my last three online purchases... just losing out on cash back) at Kohl's. I don't think I've ever purchased any clothes from Kohl's before, but Jenn was playing "What Not to Wear" with her sister and forwarded me the e-mail. It had some items from Kohl's, so I started perusing. I found a few cute things at very good prices, so I made my purchase. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when my order arrived.

Elle (TM) Dot Mixed-Media Dress

Please pardon my lack of skills in the self-picture-taking department. I guess I'm just not very emo. This dress is ADORABLE! It was on sale for $32.99 when I purchased it, but it is definitely worth it's current price of $41.99. It does not look cheap nor does it feel like it's cheaply made. I ordered a small, and it fits perfectly. I'm pretty busty and it fits fine, but someone with a smaller chest can definitely wear this, so long as you have something in that region to fill it out. It's a great dress for a party, event or going out. Matt has a meeting today here in A-town, so he came home last night and we went to a "foodie" event called To Live and Dine in Atlanta, and I wore this and was very comfortable. (Side note: we had a great time and totally pigged out.)

Elle (TM) Assymetrical Ruffled Dress

I'm not able to save a picture of this dress to upload, so go check it out. This is another very cute dress. I ordered it in a small and it fits well. The fabric sort of feels like parachute material, if that makes sense. It has no stretch or give, but the top and waist of the dress are elastic, providing stretch. This is a dress that can easily be dressed up for a nicer dinner or event or dressed down for a casual day. It seems to be well made, but the fabric is a bit odd and the dress arrived quite wrinkled. I think hanging it near a steamy shower will eliminate the wrinkles, but I'm not sure this dress would take an iron very well. Provided I can remove the wrinkles, I am keeping it.

LC Lauren Conrad-Chiffon Trim Cardigan

Also couldn't save a picture of this one. This is a cute cardigan that could be dressed up for work or thrown over a tank and skinny jeans or leggings for a more casual look. The material is nice and the chiffon trim adds a feminine touch. I purchased it in the ash taupe color for $29.99 and will definitely be keeping it in anticipation of fall weather (which, by the way, I am coveting!).

Simply Vera Vera Wang Geometric Skirt

If I would've paid better attention to the description of this one, I wouldn't have ordered it. To me, this seems like a casual skirt that you'd wear with a tank top tucked in and cute sandals, and with that, I'd expected it to be just a little bit shorter. At approximately 20" in length, this skirt was knee-length on me. I ordered it in a small, and it was much too big... so much so, that I'm not sure if an XS would even fit. I did consider exchanging it for an XS and having the skirt shortened a tad, but I think I will just return it. It is cute, but just not what I was looking for.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Splatter Mixed Media Dress

Another very ill fitting item from Vera Wang. I think she has some major vanity sizing going on in this line, because I definitely should not be an XS. This actually fit me pretty well up top (as in the chest) but failed elsewhere. The drop waist was much too long for my short torso and the waist was just too big. There was a lot of bunching when I pulled the drawstring to fit the dress to my waist, and the side pockets flared out and looked rather odd. I would say this dress would be cute on someone tall and thin, but I don't think anyone much smaller than me could fit into the XS based on how the S fit me (meaning, it'd be much too large).

Since I live in the city, I don't have a Kohl's nearby and don't visit this store very often. I thought I'd share my experience, since I did find a few very cute items at very reasonable prices! Happy Shopping!

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