Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Year in Review

Well, with only about two hours left in 2009, I thought I would reflect on all of the things that have happened in our life this year. (Note: this is purely for my reflection and I do not recommend for a minute that you read all of this... lol.)

January - rang in 2009 for the first time as husband and wife; Matt tossed me my Blackberry and it landed right in my glass of red wine (this still makes me laugh when I think about it); the Florida Gators won the BCS Championship; Jenn and I got to hang out with Eddie Ross; Matt found out he was "moving" to Tifton
February - Matt "moved" to Tifton; we took a trip to NYC and had a blast; went to a Robert Earl Keen concert for Valentine's Day; Wedding #1 - Sean & Elisa; Girls Weekend in Atlanta
March - snow in Atlanta; Britney's back and we felt too old and too classy to be at her concert but loved it anyway (good people watching, my friends); Memere's health problems really started getting bad; I celebrated by 27th birthday; our nephew Brody Shane was born the next day and was immediately sent to a NICU at another hospital
April - Matt and I head to Jacksonville to see our nephew and find out that we are also Godparents; Brody gets better and goes home (PRAISE GOD!); Weddings #2 & #3 - Holli & Spencer and Jessica & Matt; our "niece" Madelyn Grace makes a surprise entrance into the world less than 12 hours before she was supposed to
May - we went to prom; we went to Jacksonville to attend the TPC Sawgrass and baptize Brody; we decided to buy a house!!!!; head back to Florida for Wedding #4 - Allison & Brian and Memorial Weekend; spend what I think might be my last time with Memere
June - put an offer on a house and begin negotiations; head to St. Pete to really spend my last time with Memere; head back to Atlanta; turn around two days later and head back to St. Pete for Memere's services; Wedding #5 - Jen & Jason; we went under contract on our home!!!
July - this entire month was pretty much consumed with house stuff... packing, closing, making some improvements, and moving!
August - get settled into our first home; paint... a lot; realize that my husband is extremely handy and am extremely thankful for that; take a wonderful 8 day vacation to the San Francisco Bay Area and Wedding #6 - Brad & Mariah; more painting; Matt turns 30 and we throw a bash at our new home
September - celebrate our one year anniversary; go to Gainesville to see Tebow for the last time in the Swamp (our last time seeing him play in the Swamp, that is); Atlanta floods (this was a quiet month compared to most)
October - crazy work travel at the beginning of the month; went to the Florida Georgia game in Jacksonville at the end of the month and watched the Gators kick some butt
November - family time in Brevard, NC; ate an amazing dinner at Woodfire Grill and got to meet Chef Gillespie; bought a new 4Runner; spent Thanksgiving in KCMO with Matt's family
December - threw the Tailgate of all Tailgates Part Deux; had amazing seat at the SEC Championship to watch our Gators lose; went on my first new business pitch with my company; Wedding #7 - Liz & Andy; celebrated Christmas in Jacksonville with my family; and now we're here with only an hour and 15 minutes left in 2009...

If you read all of this, God bless you. It's been a great year, and in addition to all of this, I am thankful that Matt and I have been blessed beyond measure to have each other, loving family and friends, our health, and good jobs. Happy New Year! I hope 2010 brings even more excitement!


Amy said...

I read it all :). You guys had a very full year! I think you should aim to be able to report 'visited Boise and saw cousin Amy' in 2010!

Marden Family said...

You have such a good memory of the timeline of events...that will likely go away once you kids start procreating :) Here's to 2010, it's going to be a good one!

Heather said...

Happy new year Kristin!! I loved reading about everything that went on last year!!