Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hashtag momlife

I don't actually hashtag much, except as a joke in texts.  My favorite of late has been #momlife.

Group text with four of my best friends questioning my daughter's bowel movements.  #momlife

Can't have more than a beer or two (or wine or whatever) until after I pump the last time at night.  #momlife  - As a side note, I'm not an alcoholic, I swear... just a weekend imbiber. ;) 

On a related note, it seems my existence revolves around my pumping/Greer's feeding schedule.  #momlife

Staying up until midnight qualifies as living on the wild side.  #momlife

My babysitter called me Mrs.  Thank you for being polite but please just call me Kristin.  #momlife

But the real #momlife is what happens to your heart.  You can hear it over and over but you can never truly know until you experience it. 

You can love someone so completely that their well being comes before anything else without a first thought, let alone a second.  #momlife

Tragic stories about kids being sick or dying have always gotten you but now they punch you in the face, make you gasp for breath, and it takes literally everything you have not to completely break down as you fight the Niagra Falls of tears and a lump the size of Mount Rushmore in your throat, because now you really cannot imagine and never want to know what that feels like.  #momlife

When your child looks at you and gives you the biggest, cheesiest grin, your heart simultaneously bursts into a thousand pieces and melts into a puddle of mush.  #momlife

Mommy guilt (need I say more?).  #momlife

To finally understand how your mom loves you.  #momlife

It's a #momlife but someone has got to live it.  I'm happy it's me and especially that I get to be momma to my Greer girl.


The Granberrys said...

Wow. I think we might be sharing thoughts. Like, word for word, every sentence could've come straight from my mouth!

Jessi said...

Well said! Hope you are enjoying #momlife!

JMMarden said...

She called you MRS?! The horror. Seriously. That ages me like 20 years.