Sunday, May 12, 2013

Six weeks!

(written 5/10/13)
I have a six week old. How did that happen!? Time really does fly. Greer continues to be a great baby. I have her on a schedule but she totally goes with the flow. We've had days where the schedule doesn't go as planned due to me running her around, and she has yet to have a meltdown (famous last words?). ;) After randomly adding in a middle of the night feeding two nights ago, she slept until 5:15 this morning! Happy early Mother's Day to me! I don't expect that to be happening consistently for a few more weeks, but we are on the right track! (added 5/12/13 - we've now made it to between 5:10-5:35 the last three nights... please be a trend!)

She has started "talking" and smiling a bunch, and it is the cutest thing ever!!!! She's supposed to be napping right now (she was briefly) and she's just kicking around in the bed talking to herself and smiling. So dang precious! She's slept most of the day while we were at my post-partum follow up and lunch with daddy then a quick visit to his office, so I'm fine with her being awake especially so happy. It amazes me how I can put her down (particularly at night... she'll fight the nap during the day with fussing) and she just chills in her crib with her eyes wide open but totally fine until she falls asleep. Scheduling and sleep training works!  She does fuss here and there when I put her down at night, but I don't think we've ever had a complete freak out at bedtime.

Her strength also amazes me. I thought she was going to be strong just from what I felt inside me, but my goodness is she. She's been lifting her head since birth when I have her on my chest, and she literally gets herself up on her hands and knees when I have her on my chest or shoulder (particularly if she's gassy... that apparently imparts superbaby strength in her). She can generally hold her head up, and I've not felt a huge need to support her head much since she was a few weeks old. Not that she doesn't flop around a bit, but she just isn't fragile.

At her one month appointment, she was 8 lbs 14 oz, 21-3/4", and her head was 13-1/4" (still smaller than Matt's or mine at birth!). Her height is 75th percentile and weight is 50th percentile. Definitely doesn't get that from her shorty momma! Girl has some looooong fingers and toes too. Although her measurement was 20" at birth, her cone head was so severe that I measured her at 19" a week later so she grew about 3" in one month! Crazy. Obviously, momma's milk does a body good. :)  She got her second Hep B vaccine and was a total champ.

So thankful for this little angel who has made me a mother. Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas and those who are like mommas and those still waiting... praying your dream is fulfilled so soon!

Making cute faces at her one month appt.

She loooooved her buddy Owen's mamaroo

The first meeting of Rollins (some of our best friends' little boy) and Greer... Matt says he better watch it!  ;)

Flirting with Welden at our first new mommas' play date... second boy of the day she put the mack on after Rollins!

My first Mother's Day!

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Denise Gentes said...

What an adorable little girl! Such a cute little bundle of joy! :) Happy first Mother's Day!!