Monday, November 5, 2012

Or not... (and some good stuff)

Well, Matt picked me up from camp on Saturday morning and we headed to Labor & Delivery.  That was interesting!  Everything is fine, but I was having very consistent cramps starting around 3:00 Friday afternoon and still feeling them when I woke up Saturday morning.  They weren't particularly painful (more like period cramps), but they just didn't go away.  So, I called the doctor and determined I needed to be at home in case something did happen and I needed to be off my feet.  After trying some things to make them stop, they were the same so the doctor had me go into L&D to make sure I wasn't dilated or anything.

Watching football

Hooked up to the contraction monitor... yes I have an innie-outie that is becoming much more of an outie-outie.

Practicing for ~5 months from now
I wasn't dilated, baby's heart rate was good, and although I could feel stuff going on, the contraction monitor didn't pick up anything.  I honestly wasn't worried and felt silly going in at all (and I really didn't want to miss camp), but being the opposite of a hypochondriac, I tend to under react about medical things (like when I hyperextended my elbow and popped it back into place and went on my way... seriously).  So, I figured it was best to look like the crazy pregnant girl than to find out something was seriously wrong that they might have been able to do something about.

Since everything looked good, they let me go home and told me to take it easy and reschedule my anatomy scan for today instead of Thursday just to make sure the placenta looked okay.  And, I did so happily.  Can I just say that if I had a lot of money and an ultrasound machine at home, this baby would have radiation issues because I'd be using it constantly.  SO COOL.  And, it's amazing how much has changed in ~7 weeks.  The best part, everything looked "perfect" with the baby and with my placenta and cervix.  Praise the Lord for that!

Love that first one with the knees all curled up.  The second one is a little scary.  Matt called it Skeletor.  Poor kid.  That's the top of the head to the right, I think an arm/hand is covering the left side of the face but you can see the right eye socket, nose and little lips.  Baby had her arms/hands up around her face/head a lot again just like in the 12 week scan, which is funny because Matt sleeps with one arm sort of over his head.  And, yes if you picked up on that pronoun, you are correct... it's a GIRL!

Obviously, I would have been thrilled either way, but I did want a girl if I had my pick.  I've always thought I would have a girl first, and I had a pretty strong feeling most of the time that it was a girl.  Now, as mentioned previously, we did find out at our 12 week scan, but I needed to hear the u/s tech say it since I wasn't looking the first time and it was written on a sticky note when we found out.  :)

So, we really have no idea what was causing me to cramp like that, but I have to say that I'm feeling fetal movement more and more (she was going crazy last night and it was awesome).  It's still very "soft" but it's enough that I know that it's the baby for sure.  So, I don't know if she was being really active and my uterus just freaked out or what.  Either way, something to keep an eye on, but nothing to worry about either.  I will have at least three more ultrasounds due to my low PAPP-A results so they can monitor growth and fluid levels, so get to see my sweet girl again in 5 weeks.  Woohoo!

P.S.  I'd like to say I might blog about something else besides my pregnancy for the next 21 weeks, but that's probably mostly a lie.  However, I do hope that everyone goes to vote tomorrow.  I planned to do a political post with my opinion on the election and candidates (and political system as a whole), but I have not had time.  So, maybe I will do that after we get results.  Go Mitt!  But, I pray whoever wins, we start seeing some improvement in the economy and see a Congress that will actually work together for the greater good of Americans, not their own party's good!

P.P.S.  Max and Maddie haven't made an appearance in a while.  Here they are in their Halloween costumes, which lasted approximately two minutes.  I love these dogs so much.  Seriously.


Alyse said...

Glad everything is okay!! My heart skipped a beat when I read your first sentence... eeek. scared me. Fun to see her a bit early! Your sweet little lady will be so beautiful like her mommy!

CrysHouse said...

I'm glad everything is OK.

You're having a sweet GIRL! I'm so jealous that you know :) We don't have our appointment until next Tuesday, and then we won't find out until the Saturday after Thanksgiving...but I'm so excited to know.

AEOT said...

PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy oh joy!!!!!!! So glad you are doing well and SHE is doing well too. Congrats, Kristin, I'm thrilled for you and Matt!