Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Read

My friend/uber talented interior designer did a great interview with Pretty Haus that you should go read. 

Work has been crazy, and in the last three weeks I traveled to Boca Grande, FL and Las Vegas, NV and started IVF #2 (also known as the one that is going to result in a pregnancy which will result in a healthy baby... or babies).  I've got pictures to post and things to say once I can come up for air.  Until then, hugs and kisses.

P.S.  If you watched the Miss USA pageant, you may have seen my big ol' mug on TV after they announced Georgia as part of the top 16.  That makes two national TV appearances, thankyouverymuch.  Ahhh, but how fleeting is the 3 seconds of fame.  ;)


Janna said...

We'll be heading to Boca the first of July! I love biking to the lighthouse and lots of fishing!

melissa said...

You looked beautiful on your big TV appearance. You could have been a contestant yourself!

Fingers and toes crossed for a very successful IVF attempt #2! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!!

-Carson said...

We are starting our round too! Good luck!!!

visio2010sale said...
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