Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We headed south to Jacksonville last Thursday to celebrate my little sister all weekend!  And, celebrate we did.  On Thursday evening, she had her pinning ceremony as she graduated from the dental hygiene program at Florida State College at Jacksonville.  We are very proud of her... she has done so well in school and the final thing will be passing her state boards in June!

We also completely lucked out on the timing, because she was chosen as the Dancer of the Week for the Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team!  She never thought she would be chosen, because frankly, dance is not really her thing.  She's never had any formal training and was a competitive cheerleader.  So, while she has rhythm, it's just different.  But, she's a hard worker and hot as can be, so I am not surprised.  I am pretty sure there were more people there to see her on Friday night than any other individual person!  We had quite the turnout in support of Brando.  And, the Sharks won!  It was a really fun game with the whole family.  My nephews loved it.

Then on Saturday, we had a graduation party for her.  It was a fun time seeing a lot of her friends that I haven't seen in forever (except on facebook) and have known since they were in elementary school!

Warning, lots of pictures to follow.

Here is her video which was played on the jumbo tron during the game.  If only I had that bod... I'd probably walk around naked all the time.  ;)

Love these four.  Bub, Sis, and my adorbs nephews.


The whole fam damily - Mom, Brody, Christine, Steve, Derek, Matt, James, me, and Brandi!

Oh yeah, she was even featured on their electronic billboards, one which conveniently located on our way to the Arena!

program feature

front and center

our seats were awesome... and I feel the need to go do some situps now.

My silly Godson.

OMG, I love him and want to eat him up.

Silly bubba.

Goofing off.

Momma and her girls.

oh yeah!

Walking out to the field for her time in the spotlight while her video played on the jumbotrons above.

party time

The graduate with her spread.  How hilarious are those apple smile things she made?

We definitely had enough food.

Last but not least, cousins.  Maddie, Max + Roxy.  I told Roxy to lay down and she took my command quite literally.  Love that little Rocko Socko.  Best dog and she's a pit bull.  Proof that they are only mean if you teach them to be.


Alyse said...

Go Brandi! So excited for her to be done with school! What an exciting week, and looks like you had fun with the fam!! BRODY IS SO CUTE!

meghan said...

What a fun trip! Two things: You and your sister are too gorgeous and I wish I had her stomach! Glad y'all had fun!

Karena said...

Kristin, wow what a great family get together. Plus, I must do extra exercise from here on!!

The table looks like our gatherings; always food galore!

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Amy said...

Woohoo! Congrats to Brandy on all accounts... what an exciting weekend for her! And what a fun family time... I miss your fam!!

Anonymous said...

Tell Brandi I said hey, and I hope everything is going great.. I miss talking with her about life...