Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, hello there 2012.  Where did you come from?  Somewhere during recovery from our eight day "Tour de Florida" you snuck up on me.  Truth be told, I was ready and up watching Dick Clark trying to catch a glimpse of my cousin who proposed to his girlfriend in Times Square (see here - scroll to 03:06:00).  Love it.  As a side note, he is my connection to Matt... they played rugby together at UF.  :)  As another side note, Nivea made them wear these hats.  :)

Can I get a collective awwwww?  P.S.  That's Bill and Giuliana Rancic.
But, 2012 isn't exactly starting out as I'd hoped, and I was not filled with excitement or hope when the clock struck midnight.  For one, I am not pregnant.  Two, I have a cold.  I guess things can only get better from here, right?  RIGHT!?

Ugh, I can't really put my frustration into words except to say I finally broke down.  Over dog food, nonetheless.  (These are real issues, people... I'm quite particular about the food my dog children eat.)  I just don't understand.  I truly do not.  And, if someone tells me to just relax and it will happen, I will dropkick you right in the damn face.  I do think there's legitimacy to that, but then why didn't it happen before?  And, I don't think I'm really stressed over it.  Yes, it sucks.  But, it does not consume me (most days).  I'm pretty level headed and I am able to keep things in perspective.  But, I - JUST - DON'T - GET - IT.  Period.  'Tis life, I suppose.

So, we don't know what is next.  That was number three for three IUI tries and we're 0-3.  Well, more like 0-14 or something, I guess.  All I know is the ride isn't over... I know the destination but the route is still TBD.

P.S.  I had to go off my miracle acne medication when I pulled the goalie, and can I just say that God can be really cruel.  (Okay, I'm just kidding... love you Big Man but for reals.)  The acne stuff is a bit OOC.  And, I know what will make it all better but I can't take it.  But, I also can't get pregnant, so for the last 14+ months, I could have had beautifully clear skin.  But instead, I've suffered through pubescent acne breakouts (mind you, I'm about to be 30) for naught.  Aye.

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