Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh, the pain.

First of all, http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/.  Is she talking to me?  I think so.

Anywho, ouch.  WOD + projects all day = I hurt in places I didn't know I could hurt.  Like the front of my neck, i.e. the muscle in front of my throat.  Huh?  I am assuming that soreness is a combination of going balls to the wall for three minutes doing situps (82 thankyouverymuch - but trying to pull myself up with my head, apparently) as part of yesterday's WOD and then probably crouching and craning my neck awkwardly as I attempted to strip the paint off the back of Ikea Lots mirrors (fail... but it will happen) and spray painting Ikea Ribba frames.  I was wiped out yesterday, but I could not sleep last night.  Combo of things on my brain (like how I need to take a week off to tackle all of my DIY projects) and sheer pain every time I moved.

In other news, our living room and dining room are painted!  I got some fun things at Scott's Antique Market!  I saw an example of what my antique mirror projects is going to look like (more info here), and it will be worth the effort!  We surprised Jenn on Saturday night with a birthday dinner in her honor!  Dai and AY came into town for said birthday dinner!  Miss America was a really good pageant and they crowned a really pretty girl (congrats, Miss Wisconsin America... now go invest in some waterproof mascara)!  Tim Tebow is still the man (Tim, call me)!  I am getting my hair done after work!  And, that's all the exclamation points I've got for today.  :)

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JM said...

You are the best BFF ever and I had the best Bday ever. Thank you for ALL you did to help the hubs :)