Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Visual Interest

I'm going to wait until it's completely done, rug in, curtains hung, etc. before posting any more photos BUT I had to let you see a little sneak peek of what kept us busy all weekend.  Tile saw + Kristin = BFF.  It's not grouted or caulked yet, but isn't she beautiful?

P.S.  On a much less superficial note, I went to the hospital last night to see Jenn, Matt and sweet Davis.  He is hanging in there... such a strong little guy.  No news is good news, and while as of yesterday, his heart "looked" the same on the echo, his vitals were very good.  Praying that the worst is over and that God heals him completely.


LindsB said...

HOLY %$#* that backsplash is AMAZING!!! I am in LOVE!! The pattern, the color, omg you did an awesome job and now i cant WAIT to see the finished kitchen. I need to say another holy %$@# LOVE it!

Photography by AmyLynn said...

The backsplash ROCKS!!! I'm in love with the pattern. Nice work!