Monday, October 24, 2011

I don't wannnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaa

Return to reality, that is.  We spent 7.5 glorious days here and I want to go back and pretend that I don't have bills to pay and boring stuff like that.  The dogs were nonetoohappy to return, and neither were we.

I received an e-mail from Matt around lunchtime with the following message.

Subject: St. George Island

Just think, this time last week we were eating oysters and grouper while drinking a cocktail and looking out at the gulf. Now I’m eating a sandwich with pretzels while drinking water and looking at a monitor.

{le sigh}

Some iPhone photos until I upload the rest from the cameras... be warned, lots of dogs fetching tennis balls on the beach coming your way.

Good morning, SGI.

Finally, a photo of the two of us.

Spoiled.  (And loving life.)

so happy

him too

10" of rain = a very relaxing day

Not bad.

Apalach sunset.

Windy day on the Bay.

SGI sunset.
breakfast (made by moi)

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