Friday, September 30, 2011

Mission 365

You should read my friend Jenny's blog.  Here are the reasons:
1.  She is awesome.
2.  She is awesome.
3.  She is awesome.

Did I mention that she is awesome?  She said good riddance to corporate America and headed down under to explore a new life.  I was perusing through some of the photos she took in San Francisco a few months ago and saw that we had taken many of the same pictures.  However, hers were SO.MUCH.BETTER.  It wasn't the clarity or anything like that, she just has a much more creative eye than I, therefore the composition of her pictures really captures your attention.

Her blog is a documentary of her journey abroad and her mission to break out her camera and take at least one picture per day for 365 days.  Besides the beautiful eye candy that her images present, she's also a great writer.  And, at this very moment, I pretty much want to throw caution to the wind and go join her on her journey.  Except I'd really miss my husband.  And my dogs.  And college football season.  Maybe in the spring.  ;)

Vive la Jenny!

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