Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have a problem that's not really a problem.  My clothes don't fit.  They are almost all too big.  Since up until a week or so ago, I was pretty much wearing the two pair of jeans I live in, which both still fit pretty well (especially after coming out of the dryer... I never used to dry my jeans and rarely even washed them).  Now that it's getting warmer, and I have had a few reasons to wear "work" pants, holy-incredible-shrinking-woman-Batman!  I cannot wear several of my work pants, because they are ginormous.  My shorts that used to fit or be too small, mind you I rarely wore shorts before because I didn't like the way my legs looked in them, are too big.  Mostly still wearable, but too big.  Skirts that fit or were a little snug are now too big or fit nicely.

I am not trying to brag.  It's amazing what a Paleo diet will do for your body.  It takes self control, and sure I do bust my butt a few times per week doing CrossFit, but this hasn't been hard (once I got through the first two weeks).  There's nothing to really brag about.  I tell you all this, because herein lies the problem... I am unemployed.  And the impending end of my severance and start of unemployment means that the budget does not provide for clothes shopping.  And, isn't one of the best things about losing weight getting to revamp your wardrobe!?  I think so.  It's not like we're broke by any means, but we don't want to eat into our savings unless we come across an emergency expenditure, so we're going to just make it work until I find something new.  Plus, shopping motivation is good motivation.  Job=money=new clothes.  See how that works?

P.S.  If you know of any medical device sales jobs in Atlanta, let me know.  I need to get myself in front of the folks that hire, because I don't think a commercial real estate resume is going to help me find something via medreps.com.  Somehow, I don't think complex debt structures, asset management and financial analysis are the searchable words they're looking for to sell an implantable device.  But, I'll be damned if I can't sell myself to them in person!  ;)


Cait said...

wow pretty great post- although i wish i could give you some advice- sadly i can't. i do really enjoy your blog though! hope you have a fabulous tuesday dear! xo i can't wait to read more!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

If I were you, I would organize a 'swap party' with your friends and friends of friends. You all bring clothes that don't fit, or you don't wear anymore, then you swap with eachother. It's so fun! Congrats on the weight loss, I'm also finding that most of my work pants don't fit anymore after losing 9 pounds. I hope you find a job soon, my dear!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I just typed a whole comment and lost it. Argh!

To summirize..
Stryker has 2 positions in ATL..

Smith & Nephew has a good one for entry level..

Also check Zimmer, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Globus, Boston Scientific, St Jude Medical, and Synthes. Atlanta is a huge market but like you know, it's tough to break into. that S&N job is a great entry level to get you a year or so of experience so you can move up.

Puttin' On The GRITS said...