Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time Flies

Seriously, we're half way through July and I'm still trying to figure out what happened to June.

I am scatterbrained, so this post shall be too.

I have poison ivy.

I leave for NY tomorrow morning for work.

My sister flies to NY tomorrow evening to come play.

She's never been to NY before.

We are going to play, play, play our little hearts out Thursday night through Sunday.

She signed up for Twitter last night so we could stalk Bethenny (not in a scary way, but if the girl is at The Standard and we are a few blocks away, we might have to head there too).

I am ashamed that I got addicted to her show so very innocently a couple Thursday evenings ago. The TV was on Bravo from watching Top Chef the night before. Less than two minutes, and I was suckered in. But, she is hilarious, and I'm pretty sure we'd be friends. I may have even gotten teary eyed during her wedding.

I don't watch Housewives or similar reality TV.

I watch plenty of other Reality TV - Top Chef, Kate Plus Eight, Toddlers & Tiaras, Little People Big World, DWTS, SYTYCD, etc.

We have to remember to take lots of pictures.

Did I mention that we're staying at a friend's apartment in the West Village, while he and his family are at their beach house in Massachusetts!? Yeah, awesome friend. They live a few buildings away from Kiefer Sutherland.

Poison ivy sucks. It's really itchy. Statement of the century, right?

We're finally actually planning our Greece/Turkey vacation. We got our flight booked from Santorini to Istanbul yesterday, and we may even book some hotels too. Nothing like waiting until less than a month and a half before a trip you've been planning to take for many months!

We're going to South Dakota next weekend for a family reunion. I get to cross two states of my list, because we fly through Minnesota on the way. I keep two lists - one of states I've truly visited and another that includes states I've flown through/driven through. I've truly visited 27 states and been to 29 (have only flown through Detroit and Boston but never been to Michigan or Massachusetts... although, we were stuck in Logan Int'l for over 12 hours, so maybe that should count as visiting).

I got the iPhone 4. I am not obsessed with technology at all, yet I was like the first person to get one. Totally luck... I would not have waited in line for that thing, but I just happened to go preorder it the day it came out because I was not busy at work and brought my lunch. Took me all of 20-30 minutes and then it was delivered to my desk by 10:30am the day they came out. Awesomeness.

I am obsessed with Words With Friends. I've only lost once, and it was CLOSE!

I got a huge scratch on my screen even though I was trying to be so careful until I could find a dang screen protector and case. It makes me very sad.


Kristin said...

LOVE Bethenny. I hope you meet her!!

Marden Family said...

This post cracked me up. If you get to meet Bethenny I will forever be jealous. Please tell her she has a serious Atlanta fan club.