Friday, July 30, 2010


One of the first things I heard when I arrived in South Dakota was, "Can I get you anything to drink? Pop, water, iced tea?" pop. Pop. POP! Ha! I knew I wasn't in Georgia anymore. And, I loved it. I didn't have a ton of interaction with people outside of Matt's family, but the few I had the pleasure of interacting with were so friendly. Everyone says people in the South are friendly, and they are for the most part, but people in the MidWest are also uber nice. Like, you want to give them a big hug and make them say words with a long "o" sound... like South Dakota or Minnesota.

I fully expected we'd have a good time in SoDak at the "Phalen Phrolics" family reunion 2010, but I didn't expect that I wouldn't want to leave on Sunday. It was so nice and relaxing, and as expected, I loved all of Matt's extended family. It was a weekend filled with food, SeaDoos, pontoon boats, food, four wheelers, golf carts, food, lawn games, Big Mable, food, the most amazing thunderstorm ever, KELO news station (which I was obsessed with because those are my initials if you include my maiden name), food, family, fun, and food... and did I mention food? Because we ate... a lot. (And, it wasn't really filled with much KELO but that was kind of fun to see that.)

The weather was perfect. I think I fused several vertebrae in my neck from riding Big Mable one too many times. Matt and I now want a lake house. And a jet ski. And, we'll definitely go back sooner than later. Unfortunately, it's not exactly the cheapest plane ticket, but worth it. I didn't get any people pictures on my camera, so I'm looking forward to seeing pics from Momma Kath and Tom and Uncle Dave's cameras. Go Team Scabs (that's me and Uncle Dave)! These pictures are in absolutely no order whatsoever, but enjoy. Hopefully I captured some of the beauty on my camera.

Ooops, foggy - it was cold inside and this is what happened when we came out.

farm roads






awesome lightning show

man, I love him (even if he looks pained...hehe)


sweet Bode



lawn games

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