Friday, May 7, 2010

My husband, the comedian

On our Derby trip, we kept a list of funny quotes that were said. Now, I don't know where said list is, but most of them came from Matt and I do remember a few.

We also decided to keep track of the license plates we saw. We got really excited when we'd see a sort of obscure (at least for the southeast) plate like New Mexico or Utah. In fact, I think we spotted around 35 states plus two Canadian provinces. One of the cars we saw had an Ontario tag and a Gator tag surround. They were my favorite, and we let them know by giving them a hearty Gator chomp as we drove by, much to Matt Marden's dismay.

As we were license plate spotting, Jenn and I tried to name all the great lakes. We were in the back seat and apparently the boys did not hear us (we did succesfully name all five when we put our heads together). So, we asked the boys, and they got two or three.
Matt O: "Man, I'd really suck at Cash Cab if I was by myself."
I thought that was hilarious. Not, "Man, I really suck at trivia..." or, "Man, I have a bad memory..." no, instead a Cash Cab reference.

Fast forward to that night. We're back at the hotel. There's a Waffle House up the street. The Matts decide they are going to pay homage.
Me: "You're not really going to the Waffle House now, are you?"
Matt O: "We have to. It's our destiny."
Um, what!? Jenn and I died.

Fast forward to the next day. Jenn and I are standing in the drizzling rain, waiting for a port-o-let (we thought it would be quicker than waiting in the real bathroom line... probably a mistake). I didn't feel like putting my poncho on, so I had it over my head and was sort of holding it around me like a nun's habit. Drunk woman comes out of the bathroom, and starts talking to us. Then out of the blue, this...
Drunk Woman: "By the way, you look like KKK with that thing on like that."
Uhhhh, okay? You'd just have had to be there... Jenn and I both looked at each other and said, "Save that!"

Can't remember if this was on the way there or back, but as we were passing through Nashville, I was trying to explain to them where Vandy's campus is and what the area is like. I was explaining that it's sort of a main street (as in main street for a small town not a major street) like in Gainesville or Athens, but much bigger and with more national chain stores.
Matt M: "You can't really compare Gainesville (U of Florida) and Athens (U of Georgia)." (For the record, he's a huge UGA fan.)
Me: "You're right. One of them has a lot more championships." Booyah!


Marden Family said...

Haaahahaha! I love the Waffle House quote. I am laughing right now reliving it.

Amy said...

What a fun trip! Love your derby hat!! Someday I'd like to go to the Derby. It's my destiny :).