Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am suffering from withdrawal... best friend withdrawal. You see, my best friend and I have the type of connection where you finish each other's sentences, agree on 99.9% of things in life, and talk on a daily basis. Well, said best friend had a baby... my darling little niece, Madelyn. So, needless to say, best friend has not had time to e-mail and talk on the phone. And, I'm completely cool with that, I just wish the headaches and the shakes would subside.

Cure: heading down to the 'burbs for some girl time, featuring lots of cooing at baby and swooning over Kris Allen on American Idol (and then hopefully heading home to see Shawn Johnson win DWTS)!

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Heather said...

Ok, yes I prefer Kris over Adam, don't even like the other dude. My mom made me watch it with her. I do like him, very talented and I am so excited that Shawn won!! Woo-hoo!!! Enjoy your girl time!!