Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Bee

It's been a crazy busy week and a half, but I promise a sweet update soon, because two weekends ago, we went to PROM. Yes, that's right - you're never too old. We went to the Highland Heights High Junior/Senior Prom. Unicorn pride! Pics on that to come. They are priceless.

I am blogging from my hotel room in Westbrook, CT. I manage an asset up here, so I came up for meetings and a site tour. It also happens that my parents were both born in Hartford (45 minutes north) and my mom's family had a beach house here. So, I went and found it. It was more like beach mansion! Seriously, a huge house literally on the beach. It's worth over $1.5 million now, and I have no idea what my grandfather bought and sold it for in the 50s, but not anywhere near that (I'd say less than $50K.... too bad he didn't hold onto it!). If any of you are in the New England area, this is a great place to spend a weekend... or a summer.

Back to Atlanta tomorrow and hopefully I'll get the prom pics uploaded and posted tomorrow night. :)

P.S. I heart Kris Allen, and Kara and Simon can kiss my butt. I thought he was great!

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Sara Brown said...

Um, I'm in love with Kris Allen. Like, borderline obsessed. Does that make me a bad wife? :)