Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old and Boring?

I think I've decided that I am old and boring. I still have my moments of fun, but really. Friday is Halloween, and guess what I am doing. Go ahead, guess.


The sad part is, I don't think I want to do anything. What is wrong with me? Is this a side effect of marriage!? Matt is going fishing in Florida, and I was thinking about heading down to FL/GA in Jacksonville (mostly to see the family, since I don't have tickets), but I decided I should stay in Atlanta and be productive. And, by "be productive", I mean hit up the Banana Republic sale and finish writing our thank you notes. I will preface this with (or I guess it isn't really prefacing, since I'm stating this after the fact) a big reason I am not going to Jacksonville is that I am going to Nashville next weekend for the Florida/Vandy game and Gainesville the following weekend for Florida/South Carolina. Two weeks after that we're back to Florida for Thanksgiving. That's a lot of travel. However, that does not explain my sheer lack of desire to don a completely inappropriate costume to go out and party with my friends. I do actually have friends that are enjoying the Halloween spirit, getting dressed up, and going to various parties. I have been invited. But, again, just no desire. I am old. So, instead I think I'll sit at home with a bottle of wine, some Halloween candy I should not eat, a scary movie, and at least 40 thank you cards left to write. But, you can bet I'll be ready to throw back a few cold ones and celebrate a Gator victory (don't disappoint me!) with the handful of my Gator friends that are sticking around this weekend.

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N.M.B. said...

ummm....i and younger and a hundred times more boring. I might be doing arts & crafts on Halloween. Thank GOD I haven't started quilting.

I've got your other dates written down on my calendar!