Friday, October 17, 2008


I got to work early today. 7:30 qualifies as early for me. I planned to be here by 7:00, but some things just don't go as planned. No worries though, because no one else on my team is here yet. I really hate getting up in the morning, no matter what time it is, but once I am up, I am good to go. And, since it's Friday and it's early, I treated myself to a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte courtesy of my good friends at Starbuck's. It's a good thing Matt doesn't read my blog, because he thinks it's ridiculous that I buy coffee (and by coffee, I mean lattes) there. I actually don't like their coffee... if I want coffee, I hit up Caribou. If he only knew how much I've cut down for him. :) Anyway, it hit me this morning that it takes me TWO HOURS to get up, get ready, and get to work. Now, I did stop at the SB this morning, so that set me back probably 10 minutes, but still. Almost two whole hours. Matt works 20 miles further away than I do, and I bet it takes him less than an hour to get up and get to work. Seriously. I mean, if I could roll out of bed, shower, and go, I would. It wouldn't be pretty though. I really need to try to trim down my time to an hour and a half. I should be up and out the door in an hour and to work in 30 minutes or less. This is a new goal. Maybe I should just stop showering. hehe

The reason I got here early is so I can leave early, because we're going CAMPING! Woohoo! I love to camp. Unfortunately, due to dry weather, a lot of leaves are dropping shortly after they change color or before they even change color. :( Hopefully, we'll still get to see some good fall foliage though. I'll bring my camera and hopefully capture a few pictures. We're going to a campground in Cleveland, GA, which is just south of a little mountain village called Helen. Helen is known for its Octoberfest celebrations, or as one of my friends so aptly put it, Drunktobeerfest. We plan to go check those out tomorrow. So, it will be a nice weekend of enjoying nature while putting lots of unhealthy carbohydrates (read: beer, whiskey, roasted marshmallows, etc.) and red meats into our bodies. We always do camping up right!

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Amy said...

That's the best thing about working from home! I seriously hate getting ready because it takes too much time (and now when I'm pregnant it makes me too hot :)) --Thus the permanent ponytail or bun look. Good luck with cutting your time down!