Friday, April 17, 2015

An open letter to my daughter...

(My second daughter, that is.  Surprise!  I'm pregnant with #2 and due in early May.)

Sweet girl.  You still do not have a name.  I have not taken weekly pictures of my growing belly.  In fact, I barely have any pictures of my belly.  Most of your clothes (and everything else) are hand me downs from your big sister.  You don't have a nursery, as you and Greer will share a room and you'll be floating between mommy and daddy's room and the guest bedroom until we get Greer comfortable in her big girl bed and you're sleeping through the night so you two can have slumber parties.  I have not had baby showers (though I am having a tea to celebrate you tomorrow and work is throwing me a shower next week!).  We still have quite a few things to do at home to get ready for your arrival (and I have plenty to wrap up at work).

Life is busy, sweet girl.  Mommy and daddy both have demanding jobs, your big sister and doggie siblings are demanding of our time, mommy's extracurricular involvement in way too many things keeps me running crazy, I don't have time to read blogs (except when I'm having pregnancy induced insomnia), and I haven't had time to write one either.  It is a much different time and experience as we prepare for you.  But, let me tell you this.  I knew I would love your sister.  But, I didn't know how much.  I knew my life would be better than it was before her, but I didn't know in what ways.  (I also know the hard times we might face, and that's okay too... I know everything is a phase!)

But with you sweet girl, as I sit here typing and feel you hiccuping in my belly, I feel as much wonder as I did with your sister.  I feel as blessed and as lucky to be your momma.  And, I already love you more than I did at this point with her, because I now know the capacity of my love for you as your mommy.  Your daddy and I are so excited to bring you into our family.  We have wanted you since before you were formed by God (in a petri dish, much like your sister, and then in my womb), and we have loved you since we first knew you were a possibility.  Our love and anticipation for your arrival has only grown along with my belly... and our hearts.  We cannot wait to meet you and see the excitement and new dynamic that you will bring to our family.  Having a sister myself, I am so incredibly excited that you and Greer will be blessed with each other as sisters and friends and pray that your relationship will be one of love, admiration and respect, despite the differences I know that you will have.

So, my precious soon-to-be second born, while our preparation for you has been so different from the first time we did this, it is not because we love or want you any less.  If anything, all of the emotions are greater knowing how much you will bless all of our lives.  I cannot wait to see your face and hold you in my arms and learn your features and personality (and finally decide what you will be named!).  I cannot wait to see the bond you form with your daddy, who I have to tell you really loves having a daughter and is quite excited about another, and with your sister.  I think I will hold you a little tighter and kiss you even more (if that is possible) than I did with your sister knowing how quickly the time flies by and how quickly you will grow.  You will be here oh so soon and our lives will be so much better for it.  I cannot wait.

With my whole heart,
Your Momma

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Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

CONGRATS on baby #2! So exciting! She'll be lucky to have you as her Momma :)