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So, I guess you could say life has gotten in the way and ye ol' blog has suffered.  Nothing to fear, we're living it up!  Greer is almost 15 months old.  She walks, she talks, she's a little human.  I took a new job... less money, more work.  Why, you must ask!?  Well, let's just say that it is for a project that is changing Atlanta for the better and making waves in the urban planning realms.  We just won a big international award!  But, I don't like to mix work and interwebs, so that's all I shall say about that.  I feel like other than the change that comes with having a growing child and my job situation, not much else has changed in the last six months or so since I updated this blog of mine.  Which is a good thing!!

I just spent about 30 minutes reading my posts since Greer was born, and I feel bad for not keeping up with it.  I do love the milestone tracking, and while I track things in a baby book, it's certainly not this comprehensive.  So as much as possible, here's a catch up!

Greer got her first tooth somewhere around 10 months and her second around 11 months (see how quickly one forgets... thankfully I have this written down but not handy!).  So, when I go back and read that she was "teething" at 5 months, it makes me chuckle.  She now as four teeth with the second two breaking skin on her first birthday.  Then one grew and one just hung there.  But, now she has four full fledged teeth and no others!  She took her first steps just after her first birthday but really started taking off walking when she was 13 months old.  Now, it seems she's on the verge of running... I know that's a ways off, but she moves pretty quickly.

She says (or says some variation) of the following words - mommy, daddy, dog (sometimes dah), doggie (sometimes doddy), hiiiii, bye bye, please (usually sounds like meee or mememe but sometimes peas), thank you (comes in different forms, usually just ta or ta-tou), baby, peek-a-boo (pee boo), ball (bah), book (booh), Max (mah), Maddie (sometimes comes out mammy), uh oh, whoa (in context, which is funny), ow, oooh (also in context usually), hot, etc.  Typical first words.  We try to get her to say her name, which is apparently "dooh" or something like that.  Close kid, close.  She hasn't said no back to me, but girlfriend will shake her had and wave her finger "no no no"... I didn't even realize I was doing that to her, but I obviously do!  She signs more and all done, though she's also starting to say those words on occasion (mo and ah-dah).

She loves to wave, clap her hands and say yay, throw a ball, sing, and dance.  We have one of those small, bluetooth speakers and she LOVES to hold it when it's playing music, like freakout meltdown if she cannot hold it kind of love.  She also loves to play the xylophone and the piano at Mr. Craig's.  I hope this means she got my dad's musical talent.

One of my favorite games to play with her is "what does a ____ say?"  She has learned dog (obvs), kitty cat (which is pretty hilarious sounding), owl (my favorite), cow, monkey, lion (this is still pretty new), sheep, daddy (toot noises... blame me for this one!), and I may be missing one or two.  Daddy is trying to teach her "blah blah blah" in response to, "what does mommy say?"  We do actually love each other.  ;)  He also taught her that it is HILARIOUS to poke her baby doll in the eye, so she does it repeatedly and says "owwww."  It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out.

She also loves to wrestle and is really starting to play now.  It seems that happened in the last few weeks where she can entertain herself for quite awhile playing, which includes opening cabinets and drawers (safe ones, of course... bad stuff is locked up).  The tupperware cabinet is a big hit (she loves stacking/sorting and taking lids/caps on and off), as well as the cutting board and sheet pan cabinet, particularly the splatter screen and muffin tin.  Good times.  Craig told me that she can go up the toddler play structure at our park and slide down the slide.  I mean, what?  I cannot comprehend that for some reason.  It is so amazing at this age to watch their reasoning and cause and effect skills come together.  Also, clearly I need to take her to the park more often.  She goes pretty much every day with Craig, so we don't go as often.  What we do visit frequently is the pool.  She is not a fan of being confined to a float or a life jacket or water that is remotely cold.

We were down in Jacksonville in May for a wedding and went to the beach, which she LOVED.  The ocean was still pretty chilly, so I was certain that when I walked her to the water and put her feet in, she'd recoil and hate it.  Wrong.  The waves were coming in pretty good, and she thought it was the BEST THING EVER and kept wanting to walk further out despite getting hit hard by waves.  I was not surprised, however, that she loved playing in the sand.  All that makes this Florida girl happy happy happy!  We have a beach vacation this summer in a warmer water climate, so I can't wait to see her enjoy it again.

She has become a terribly picky eater.  It's annoying.  But, I also hear very normal.  For example, I bought her these spinach bites that have potato in them... they basically taste like a tater tot and are quite yummy by my estimation.  Won't touch them.  Oh, but if I dip them in plain yogurt, then she eats them!?  What!?  Weird kid.  So, we are getting creative with how we sneak vegetables, but I make sure I offer them to her constantly in hopes that she'll change her mind one day (and on occasion, she does).  She'll still usually eat meat and fruit, though one day she likes something and not the next.  Such an adventure.  My payback for bragging about what a good eater she was at first.  Parenting, it's so humbling.

I am sure there's so much more to say... a lot happens in six months.  It's certainly not all rainbows and unicorns, but we are beyond blessed and so thankful for our nugget.  She is so much fun and keeps us on our toes.  Before she turned one, I couldn't say this but I am ready for another though I really do understand now when parents say they can't imagine loving another child as much.  My baby is growing up and it's happening far too fast.

Greer, you will never know the depths of our love for you... at least until you become a mommy yourself.  You are a joy to us, and the love that I have for you gives me a tiny glimpse at how God loves us.  I pray that above all else, you know the love of your Savior and you live your life in a way that brings light and love to others, as you bring so much light and love to Mommy and Daddy.  As big as you will grow, you will forever be our little nugget, nuggey, peanut, and baby.  Be well and do good, sweet girl.

And now, picture overload... (mostly in order except for monthly pics)

Not a fan.

Please note, the bottle was empty and she was closely supervised.  ;)

NYE party animals.

Snomageddon '14 (aka: snOMG, Snopocalypse, Clusterflake, etc.)

Birthday girls!  Greer's 1st and my 30-something.

This girl loves icecream.  Who doesn't!?
Easter 2014 with good friends!

Mother's Day 2014

Easter 2014

Baby snuggles before getting on the plane to Jax.

First time seeing the Atlantic.

She couldn't be bothered to put down her spoon of baked beans to take a pic with Daddy on Father's Day.

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