Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stitch Fix

There is an awesome new service called Stitch Fix.  It is your own online personal shopper!  My friend alerted me to this.  This is for anyone, but is especially awesome for those of us who are so busy that shopping is a rare luxury or those who hate shopping (or both!).  Basically, you fill out a profile about your style by answering some questions (both verbal and visual), give them your sizes, and a stylist will pick out clothes and accessories just for you.  I linked to "my style board" on pinterest, as well as my LinkedIn profile so they could see what I do for a living.

If you sign up here - - I will get a referral bonus (and be your BFF) once you make your first purchase.  And then you can refer others and get that same bonus for yourself.

The best thing... it's almost free!  You will be charged $20 for the styling fee but that is credited toward anything you keep from your Fix.  You tell them how much you are willing to spend on different items such as dresses, tops, and accessories, and they will shop within your budget.  It's all sent straight to your door, along with tips on how to style the items, and you ship back whatever you don't want in the packaging they send.  I have my first Fix coming next week, so I will report back on what I think.  I figure if I hate everything and I'm out $20, that is a risk I'm willing to take for someone to tell me what to wear and how to wear it!  :)

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Jessi said...

I've done two so far and have kept 2-3 things each's an awesome service and definitely convenient for us working moms who sometimes can't find the time to go shop for ourselves!