Monday, February 15, 2010


It was a lovely weekend in the ATL. On Friday, before I left work early due to the snow, I received a flower delivery. Now, for most married women, their first thought would be, "What a wonderful husband." For me, I was all, "Who the heck sent me flowers!?" I honestly thought they were from a vendor or something, but lo and behold, they were from my handsome hubby! He's never ever sent me flowers before, so it was a sweet surprise. I got 18 beautiful pink, red and cream roses that are now looking gorgeous in the lovely crystal vase I got from my in-laws for Christmas.

Once I got home on Friday, Matt was suffering majorly from cabin fever (he came home Thursday night since they were expecting snow all the way down into south Georgia), so we took a nice walk through our short-lived winter wonderland. Of course, my camera died a few pictures into our walk, which was a total bummer, because we got four inches of snow, and it was prettier than it was last time.

On Saturday morning, everything was frozen solid but it thawed pretty quickly. We got outside to make a snowman before everything melted. Our snowman is still there, but he now looks more like a headless, anorexic snowman.

On Saturday evening, we went to grab dinner at Nuevo Laredo (yum) with some friends before heading to the Nuclear Coyboyz (yes, with a "z") motocross event. Um, wow. The people watching was PRIME, my friends. The premise of the event was incredibly cheesy, but I did enjoy watching them do their tricks. But, can I go back to the people watching!? Holy heck. I mean, it really doesn't get much better than an event that attracts all of the best rednecks from around Atlanta. And, I say that with love, because, hello... I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and I'd say my brother is borderline redneck. His saving grace is that he is also a surfer. So, anyways... we got a lot of laughs and cheap thrills. After that was over, we went to a new pub near our house called Ormsby's, and we will definitely be going back. They have bocce ball, shuffleboard (the table version), pool tables, darts, and a few video games (and most importantly, NO SMOKING). Also, the drinks were fairly priced, so we've found a new hangout until we hit our midnight curfew and risk turning into pumpkins.

And, yesterday, we just laid low most of the day and watched the Daytona 500 and the Olympics. I really want to be a ski jumper or downhill skier or something. Or, I'd just really like to go skiing this year. We are seriously thinking about taking a day trip up to one of the "ski resorts" (I use that term loosely, in this case) in North Carolina this weekend, because we couldn't get our crap in gear to plan a real ski trip this year. We're itching to strap on some skis and hit the slopes!

Now we're back to another week and the world keeps turning...


Amy said...

I don't think we've even had enough snow to build a snowman that big this year! I LOVE people watching... sounds like you had a great setting for it!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I agree, the snow was gorgeous in GA! Bummer about your camera, mine always dies when I need it the most.