Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google Reader?

What is Google Reader, and how do I use it? Yes, I am serious. I hear talk of this marvelous contraption, but I do not have (use?) it. Please bring me into 2009 (so I can spend even more time blog stalking).

UPDATE: Thanks to my amazing cousin, Amy, I am now a proud user of Google Reader. It is much easier to blog stalk through Reader than the Dashboard of Blogger. Thanks Amy (who introduced me to blogging... and more importantly, blog stalking)! :)


Amy said...

haha! You're too funny. Once you've tried Google Reader, you'll never go back :)

When you're logged in to your Gmail account you'll see several links on the top left hand of the screen. One of those is "Reader". Click it. Once you're in you can click the "Add a subscription" button (just down from the top of the page on the left) and just copy and paste the links of all your favorite blogs. That's really all there is to it. You can create folders for your subsciprtions too-- like "Cooking blogs", "Friends blogs", "Random blogs I Stalk" haha. Then any time you log in it will show you new posts. Once you scroll down while reading a page or hit "Mark all as read" they'll no longer show as new. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Kristin said...

Amy, you've created a monster. :) I have the "Blogs I follow" or whatever, but this sounds easier to access.

LindsB said...

isnt that the best thing ever, I love my reader!

Thank you for such a sweet comment too!!

Marden Family said...

Ohmigosh I assumed you were already on the Reader train! I love it AND can check it from my blackberry :)

Hannah D. said...

Just found your blog - you are so funny and totally relatable! I admire your optimism about your "geographically single" situation and appreciate the strength you have to have to make it through stuff like that. My boyfriend just left for.the.weekend. and I'm a hot MESS!